Maui Sails Frontend Kopfstück

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MauiSails Kopfstück

Neues Kopfstück von Maui Sails zum Upgraden der eigenen Gabel. Viele Regattafahrer wechseln an ihren Gabeln die Kopfstücke auf das MauiSails Kopfstück, da dies bekannterweise bombenfest am Mast sitzt und heavyduty verarbeitet ist, zudem die Masten nicht strapaziert.

Bitte beachten: Bei RDM Masten muß auch der Maui Sails RDM Adapter verwendet werden, weil einzig dieser lang genug ist. Das Maui Sails Kopfstück hat die größte Auflagefläche aller Kopfstücke am Markt und ist deshalb besonders mastenschonend.

MauiSails Boom Front End:

In the last five years there has been an evolution and explosion of the availability of reasonable carbon booms. By now I would guess that
 there may be as many as 100,000 carbon boom bodies in the windsurfing community.

A good boom is much more than some carbon tubes. The key elements of the whole system are also the length adjustment locking parts, and the boom head that attached to the mast. The design of boom heads
has undergone regular evolution, but much of it is far behind the development of the larger rigs. So the result is that you may have a pretty good set of tubes that may be stiff and strong enough for the larger sail, but they are connected to an older design head that isn’t. This will make you have a wobbly connection regardless of the stiffness of the tubes. When we conceived and designed the new MauiSails Carbon Race booms, the shortcomings of the available head designs (as well as the good things) were considered. We wanted a unique and durable head to go on these great products.Using Rapid Prototyping we were able to see the functioning part direct from tooling drawings, in one off versions that only took a week to execute. This let us play with the levers, cleats, and other relationships without having to wait months for tooling to be finished. And we could see potential for failures and correct them as well.There are potentially thousands of active sailors with carbon booms from many manufacturers who will appreciate the value of this quality upgrade. The MauiSails Boom Head is simple and inexpensive to retrofit and will make almost any set of boom tubes seem like a whole different experience. Please remember if you are going to use our boom head with RDM mast you will also need a boom shim - available in our store.

ATTENTION: The MauiSails boom front end is easy to use and requires only light clamping pressure to prevent slipping on the mast. Too much pressure can break the clamping flap where the rope is hooked. The rope should be 4mm Marlow Pre-stretched if possible. Do not use larger than 4mm line for the clamping rope. When applying closing pressure use only enough to stop sliding on the mast.
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