Starboard 2015 WINDSUP 11'6" x 30" Inflatable ZEN Center Fin

Touring: The fastest option with the smoothest glide and a unique hull shape.
Lighter and tougher than traditional hard boards, these boards are seriously fun toys for the whole windsurfing/paddle boarding family as well as for schools and clubs. They glide nicely, they’re safe because you can’t bump your head against them and they can be treated with minimal care. Drop them on the ground and they simply bounce!
For boat owners and city-dwellers, this is the hassle-free board. They won’t damage your boat or apartment and deflated, they roll up into a compact bag.

6.0” (150mm) dropstitch creates our stiffest technology.
** The Astro Deluxe Widepoint 8’2 and Converse 9’0 use a 4.0″ (100mm) dropstitch to create the best rail definition for making the board more performant in surf.
Deck and bottom have high strength, 0.5mm 1000 Denier laminate over a uni-directional 250 Denier dropstitch material, delivering optimum stiffness at light weight.
Rails with 0.5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave, for 100% air tightness covered by robust bi-axial 0.7mm 1000 Denier polyester mesh, for additional stiffness.
2015 rails are 70% thicker and stronger than the 2014 Astro rails.
The parabolic compression band in the critical deck edge area, creates a curved edge, increasing stiffness with little weight penalty.
For more stiffness, a dual stringer on the most compressive area of the deck.
The short Starboard Astro US box helps to roll up the board as tight as possible.
The side fin boxes will fit our standard removable Surfinz or your favourite FCS fins.
The high grade EVA deck pad has a 4mm thick square groove in the standing area and a 2mm thick aft section, all the way to the rail of the board.

Windsup Deluxe 11'6'' x 30''    353.6 cm    76.2 cm    6'' / 15.2cm            Drake Shallow 22 + Daggerboard 57    Astro US Box + Clipperbox

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