Starboard 2016 Carve 121 Wood (NEU aus Deko)

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Starboard 2016 Carve 121 Wood aus DEKO. Bitte im Zweifel vor Bestellung original Bilder und Zustandsdetails anfordern! Das Board ist neu und war lediglich für Dekozwecke auf einer Messe.

Starboard’s iconic plug and play freeriders. They blend fast, high performance shapes with a chassis that requires little technique and tuning to get to peak performance. With added length and a more rigid fin, the Carves get planing more smoothly, more easily and maintain rolling stability in the choppiest waters. Sheet in, accelerate and go fast.

The new 2016 Carves are upgraded with all new shapes and introduce the new, World’s lightest UltraCore Carbon board technology.

New shapes: upgraded across the board from the 121 to the 161. Rocker: All Carves have a zero tail kick rocker for the easiest,

smoothest entry into planing.

Outline: Longer outlines are designed to for longitudinal stability and smoother transition into planing. The new 2016 shapes are 4-5cm wider except for the 161 which is 1.5cm wider. The extra widths add more stability while the narrower tails and redesigned cutaways keep the Carve’s high top end speed ability to quickly accelerate. The new shapes feel like they fly higher on the water.

Profile: To maintain the volume of the new wider shapes, the boards are thinner on average while keeping the dome in the tail, keeping them comfortable in all strap positions.

Rail shape: The rails have been thinned down from 90cm to the nose for a quicker, sharper entry into the jibe.

Fins: Freeride Power CNC G10 fins with a thinner tip profile, an upright rake and a thicker base. For maximum stability and traction.

UltraCore: The World’s lightest windsurf board construction. 10% lighter, 30% stronger, UltraCore allows Starboard designers to make the Carves lighter yet keep the same strength and toughness as before. A new uni-directional Carbon layer adds extra crispness and rigidity in the planing section of the board, and the new Carbon Innegra rail band creates a rigid frame and increases impact resistance for the occasional knock.

Wood Reflex: Australian pine Wood bottom with Full PVC Reflex Biaxial Glass Sandwich deck and Carbon Innegra rail frame.

New 3DX Technology: Our high performance biaxial glass microsandwich construction.

Carve 161 special: This model is based on the 151 with 1cm added thickness for added volume. This added volume adds extra float and forgiveness when uphauling, exiting from jibes and getting on to the plane.


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