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Starboard 2015 Carve 121 Wood (NEU aus Deko)

3-4 Tage 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
Statt 1.699,00 EUR
Nur 1.299,00 EUR

inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

Neues Board, nie im Wasser, aber als Deko auf einer Ausstellung gewesen!

The Carves are Starboard’s all-time freeride classic boards

As freeride boards, they are designed to be fast, exciting and fun, while delivering their best performance regardless of rider skill:

We call it Plug and Play.

The 2015 Carves keep their slimmer shapes and generous length mix performance, wind range and easy planing.

For their top speed and acceleration, they use slalom racing rockerlines with a flat section that is 5-10 cm longer to adapt to the Carves' longer lengths and their need to accelerate on to the plane more easily.

Their narrow tails allow them to jibe beautifully in all manner of styles: from wide-arc power turns to pivotal back foot carves, always with a nice and smooth exit.

As Windsurf Magazine put it: "Still the benchmark of this category".   

(1) Wide outline for stability and maneuverability, moderately long length allows for easy "passive" planing and a stable ride

(2) Thin profile in selected areas for added control and responsiveness

(3) Soft rails up of this section help engage the jibe while sharper rails in the back provide speed out of the jibe

(1) Fast rocker without tail kick and long flat for improved top speed and acceleration

(2) Cut-aways with long side cuts improve top speed and acceleration - See more at: http://www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2015/products/boards/carve#sthash.bDdeqLEq.dpuf

Model Wood

Carve 121



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